Thanks for all your hard work!

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to the developer(s) (dunno how many there are, it seems like 4ian does most of it) for all their hard work and making this game creation tool free for us all, thanks!
I’ve been using a popular game creation tool for a number of years now (a proprietary, closed source program) , but when they came out with a new version, they dropped all support for the old version, and I lost the files when the old computer when down, even more, they basically doubled the price, and were going to have me pay for it again, also it comes with an agreement where you automatically lose your license upon breaking any of the license terms (not that intended to break rules, but if I mess up…(which I have)).
So after much searching I finally came across this ( was trying to figure out how to add events to objects for awhile, because that’s how the old game maker worked, XD), it’s actually a pretty neat tool though, comes with it’s own physics engine (something the paid game maker didn’t), so would just like to say thank you!

I’m the main developer, even if some extensions are now available thanks to external developers ( Check the Widgets extension : … chargement The website is in French but I think the extensions is available for English. Also for now the extension is not available for the latest version of GD but its author should provide an updated version soon ).

Others tools can be named, as long as the discussion does not turn into a fanboy war without real arguments. :slight_smile:

The “automatism” system make it indeed easy to add physics to a game, even if it can take a while to properly use the actions related to the physics engine ( In fact, the physics engine is based on Box2D, a well known and well realized physics engine for 2D games ).

By the way, how did you heard about Game Develop ? ( Website/File-sharing website/Forum ? ) :slight_smile:

I found GameDevelop while I was on searching for alternatives to Game Maker8.
Great program!

BTW: I’m an amateur 3D/2D graphics artist and I’d be happy to help you if you’d like any graphics, maybe buttons, logos, etc.

As i’m a not a graphics artist, I welcome any help to enhance already existing graphics or to create new images which can be used in the examples provided with GD. :slight_smile:
So if you have some spare time, you can create some graphics that could be used to create the beginning of a game or an example ( For example, a pack containing 2 starships, asteroids, and one or two stars can be used to create a shoot’em up example. ) and then send them to me and I will try to create an example using these graphics ( or replace the graphics of a poor looking example game by the new ones ).

Sure, I made some and sent them to your gmail. :slight_smile:

Awesome, the graphics are really nice :smiley:
I’ve improved the Shoot example using them :[attachment=0]ShootExampleScreenshot.png[/attachment]

EDIT : I’m going to add you to the list of contributors if you want ( See the Game Develop “About box” ) : Just give me your name ( or a nickname ) :slight_smile:

Sure, glad I could help. :smiley:

I usually use a internet nickname (MillionthVector) or initials (A.G.) when on the internet (you can use whichever one you want), thanks! :smiley: