Thanks, GDevelop!

I use Gdevelop for a long time, I like him!) It was on it that I created my first game! In the future, I dream of becoming a programmer, I hope I will succeed. At the moment I am 13 years old, and I am well versed in GDevelop, for now, I’m scared to start programming, me and Gdevelop quite satisfied. But someday I will leave it( because I need to move on! :+1::muscle: But it will not be soon) Do you think I will be able to become a good programmer and game creator?

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Understanding the logic of how events work is the basis for programming.
Programming is technically giving logical instructions like with the conditions and actions in events.
Coding is the same but with programming languages with their syntax. Each language will be different but as long as you can grasp how to give logical instructions you can program well.

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Don’t be. The first programming language is the most difficult to learn but once you push it through, it is about nothing but syntax and logical thinking. If you can master events in GDevelop (not behavious and other extension but do everything your self using events) you are already half way there as events in GDevelop require the same logic as programming.

For an easy and fun introduction to programming I highly recommend


Tutorials at Coding Train: