The collision of the platform object is not removed. Although the object has disappeared

found a bug. The object with the platform behavior is not completely deleted. There remains an invisible collision

whereby an error occurs all the time with the same objects. If removed. That error position is changing.

Did you tryed to played with Hitbox?

When you find a bug, try to reproduce it in a new empty project or in one of the example projects.
That way, you make sure there is no conflict with your own project, and you can share the project with us.

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This I do lessons for a group in the social network VKontakte. The lesson consists of two parts so far. The problem is in the second lesson. I will throw you the project here.

Are there any solutions for this error?

I opened your project but could not reproduce the bug. :man_shrugging:

strange, the error plays all the time. And if the bloc is crush in the same place. When a block is deleted-collision remains. Maybe the program somehow accesses the cache?

I reproduce this error all the time.

Boom are not removed when the animation if finish. You can see number of each instance on scene with the debugger tool (Icon accross the preview button)

Boom finish with a empty frame and stop, but the object is still present.

no blank frame animation. checked by the debugger. Destroyed all the stones. In the debugger, there is a mark that there are no stones.But the player still stands on the empty space where the stone was.

I’ve already checked everything.Removed the empty animation.Replaced with a black stone, which by default no longer has a collision. But all the same, the stone remains as a Ghost.

boom is an explosion.Removed it from the stage nothing has changed

here’s the new file.With a constant error in one place.I said what kind of stone does not disappear. If you move it, then some other stone stops disappearing on it.

Thank you for the screenshot and the project. :+1:
I’m able to reproduce the issue now.
I agree, the object is deleted but collision mask remains.
Let’s see what the developers can find about it.

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Simplfy the events, and remove the for each loop. No need.

The issue seem with The animation of GDrouck is finished.
If you remove it it’s works.
I’am not sure why…