The Darkness Within

In this longer gameplay test, you get to see how I’ve made progress with a little small game I did called The Darkness Within messing around with PANDAKO’S 3D extension. I have a micro story, an objective, and enemies. You can navigate through an area shrouded in almost complete darkness with enemies that pop out at different times. You’ll have to kill them before they kill you, so it’s pretty simple. Developed with GDevelop.

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when can we play a demo ?


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I will try to have something by the middle of this month or a little earlier. I’m working on another GDevelop game off and on to keep my mind fresh.

So far the TDW is able to work via keyboard and USB controller, though controller would be best to play.

I will make a post for some demo testing soon.

Thank you for your response.

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I’ve added a little longer gameplay on The Darkness Within using my PC Controller. It’s not really finished obviously but I have made a little progress. Still have some things to do. I’m also aware that there is going to be a 3D Game Jam coming and I would like to participate in it for fun, though I know I can’t use Darkness Within since I’ve already been working on it off and on for a month or two.

The Darkness Within (Longer Test Play)