The Demo to my New Game! Bullet Barrage!

It’s pretty simple, but I find it to be good for my first published game, I am working on more, trust me, I will improve on it, for now I need bug reports, and suggestions for content, and fixing the game up!



I found it fun and challenging :v:, but because it’s a simplified demo the suggestions I have to give are the most obvious:

  1. Sounds effects and Music!
  2. Better collision because sometimes it feels like the balls are a little far away when I lose :sob:
  3. I couldn’t understand what the “base” button meant until I pressed it a few times out of curiosity
  4. Show the amount of money the player has after he lose to know if can upgrade
  5. An entry screen

Good luck with your project!

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That’s duly noted, and yes, I noticed the collision, and don’t worry I’m working on the buttons and I’m adding new upgrades, too! The money also needs to be displayed on the screen, I know! I have everything covered, and I’m very excited for when I finally publish it, as it seems like people like it!

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I’ve got the second version of the game ready to rumble! This version is packed with new stuff!

We’ve got automatic turrets, a title screen (kind of,) the fire rate was patched up into it’s own separate upgrade, and we’ve also got new enemies! Also the gold in the shop will show when you die! I fixed the collision, and the buttons are easier to understand!

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Great update! I think it’s a lot better now, although I think it takes a little while to get the action going. Perhaps it would be interesting while player make some progress gradually he would not start from the basic enemies, but in an advanced part.

And the pink enemies are very hard to stop them when it comes next! They’re too fast!

I get that the pink enemies are fast, that’s the point of them, what did you think about the turrets, and the new upgrades? Also I’m working on a wave counter, and a story mode, too! The mode you’re playing is endless mode, and the other modes will be more consistent!


I found the towers balanced as far as I played. They are useful, but they are expensive and even with them it is possible to be hit. So, I liked!

Wow! This is interesting, but it can be laborious.

I’m aware, it can be, but I have ambitions, and enough free time to be able to do so!

Rasterisko! It might take me a while to finish it, but the game is coming along nicely! I’m currently working on the wave system for another game mode!

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Here you go! I added the first ten waves to round mode, and the story mode button doesn’t work, for now. I also added one new enemy for endless!

Edit: I know some things may not work.

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