The editor of GeekPopNews said something so special about Miko

The editor of GeekPopNews (Aline Fernanda) wrote a very special article about my upcoming game “Miko Adventures Puffball” here

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She noticed some special things about Puffball that I have been working on since I began working on the game and it’s really nice that reviewers and several testers noticed:

1- Aline said in the article the following:

Which is on point, I love Jazz Jackrabbit and to see someone says something like that, it is such an honor, Miko has good similarities with Jazz with the challenging gameplay and that feeling of adventuring and the fluid movement, I’m really happy to see someone says that.

2- Aline also said the following which is so on point:

Which is so true, the main goal for Miko Adventures Puffball is to create a game (an experience) for everyone…

You like an adventure? it’s here
You like a true but a satisfying challenge? it’s here
You like being rewarded? it’s here
You like playing for small sessions? It’s here
You like unlocking challenges after you finish the game? it’s here
You like a cute cartoony style with a serious detailed worlds? it’s here
You like not having loading screen between places, sections and levels? it’s here
You like Puzzles? it’s here
You like collecting and gaining medals? it’s here

Miko Adventures Puffball has a thing for every player, while in development I made sure to give you an experience not just a game, I wanted to give you something that stays with you, something to play and enjoy and dive deep into when you get back home from a long day or when you feel down.
You’ll get a lot of times while playing that rush in your heart beats because the game is challenging but a balanced one, a challenge that’ll be worth it when you’re done with it.

Each level is an experience, each enemy is a challenge, each section tells a story about the world, the world of Puffball is so rich…

I made sure to give you the best possible experience as much as I can :heart:

The article was so good that I actually added her quote in the trailer of Miko Adventures Puffball

If you haven’t seen the trailer it’s over here:

Thank you so much for reading this post and if you haven’t Wishlist Miko yet, you can do so over here so you can play on Sept 15

Game launches to PC (Windows | macOS | Linux) on Sept 15th, 2021
See you all very very soon :heart: