The exported script could not be minified

When I want to export my HTML5 project to web, and I choose to minify and optimise, I got this error message and the JS codes not minified in to a single JS file:

"Game Develop IDE Warning
The exported script could not be minified,

Maybe an extension is triggering this error. Try to contact the developer if you think this is the case. "

Well, I don’t know if this is the case, but I got this error message since I use a timer and scene variables in my project but I can’t replicate the problem in a test project. If I remove that part of the events where I’m using timer and scene variable it solves the problem I got no error message and the JS code is minified, but if I copy-past that part in to an empty project or try to replicate it, that does not cause any problem in the empty project, but if I remove it from my main project, it solves to problem there :confused:
I have attached a screenshot of that part which seems like cause this problem in my project, at least it solves it If I remove it completely.
I’m also using the draggable object automatism on all objects that is created in this events and this is an external event.

Could you send me the file of the project? ( I do not need the images, just the .gdg file )
It’ll be easier for me to spot the bug :slight_smile:

Sent a PM :slight_smile:

It seems that the script cannot be minified because of the events being too heavy: The tool used by GD to minimize the scripts ( “Google Closure Compiler” ) is running out of memory during the process!

For now, there is no real solution. I’ve added a more specific error message, and I’ll try to increase the maximum memory allowed for the tool, but maybe you could try to reduce the number of events:
When adding events, always think about how you could reuse already existing events and how you could do a clever use of variables to avoid recreating the same events dozen of times :slight_smile:

Thanks 4ian.
I did want to polish it anyway, hopefully I can find more clever way to doing it.

But the 60% of the events is basically do noting but check the value of object string variables and compare them if any of them is equal or not equal to another object string variable. Would be great if we could compare the value between string variables similar to integer variables, for example like this:

Object1.Variable(string) equal to Object2.Variable(string)

Any chance of having this feature for string variables too?
In this situation this could be a huge help to reduce the number of events dramatically because at the moment takes a lot of events to compare the variables, need to check the value individually for every objects and variables.