The future od gdevelop

Gdevelop is in the future with out a doubt is going to ne one of the best game engines
Thats going to be competing with unity, godot,
Unreal Engine … I have been a part od the comunity for over a year now and the comunity is charming with a lot of People that are there to help you .

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well, you named 3d engines, so there is not really a competition there.
but i agree, i am around here for a year now too and i see the rapid evolution of this engine.
At first i was dissapointet to not have light - check
then there was no p2p - check

As of anything else that makes a big difference, i have nothing particular in mind right now.
E: maybe a more comfortable but still efficient way to handle instances.
E2: Well, actually the most annoying issue i have is that pathfinding angles are still not correctly detected and that issue has been around since i started out.
would be awesome if i could stop doing this:

Shoutouts to all of you guys, especially to the developer and the contributer of GD!

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