The Gdevelop premium

A few seconds ago I downloaded the mobile version and switched from the browser version but when using the events The sprites discovered that the premium is needed for everything mentioned above and therefore I have been forced to return to the web version.

What’s wrong with Gdevelop that you need to buy the premium to create your game? In that case, it’s better to buy the editor instead of buying a premium.

There might be some confusion on what the mobile app is.

The mobile app is a separate fork of the GDevelop engine, it is not “GDevelop on Mobile”, think of it instead as “GDevelop Mobile”, a separate app that’s development costs are made possible by the subscription, and it is made explicitly for paid subscribers.

The limitations on the mobile app do not exist on the web or desktop client, and they will not carry over per the devs (as mentioned, the mobile app is a separate fork).

Also, per the developers, there will not be a “for purchase” version of the mobile fork, as it is a subscription benefit/designed for the subscription.