The hidden layer is clickable :/ how can I change it so that it is no longer clickable?

The hidden layer is clickable, how can I change this so that I can no longer click on it? I have several layers :confused: please help

You should use the
“check if layer is visible event”
its like this

Thanks for your answer, how exactly do I have to do that? I didn’t really understand it. I tried your example but somehow it didn’t work

Create a new event

Layer name is visible
Left button is released

Then put all of the events that use that layer and the button was released as a sub events of it. That way it only needs to check the layer once and the button was released conditions once. Plus when the layer is hidden it will skip over all of the sub events. There’s no sense in checking it repeatedly since it’s not going to change during that frame.

Layer name is visible
Left button is released
----cursor is on GN | actions
----cursor is on GN3 | actions

Stop it Your just making it more confusing! Let me explain you @U.CGames .If your saying that the the objects on the layer are still clickable then i can help you because you cannot click a layer.Send a picture of the events of objects in the layer that are clickable please.Also send me the link to your game if you dont mind.

I’m going on the assumption that the object you’re clicking is on the hidden layer. In which case, this is a solution for the event conditions:


Thats laterally what i did

It’s similar, but not exactly the same by any stretch. I’ve included the layer of the clicked object, rather than use the base layer. You’ll notice how OP shows and hides a number of layers. I showed a simple way to check if an object’s layer is visible.

my layer is not recognized when I use .Layer(), it only works with “Layer” but that doesn’t help because the problem still exists and then my cursor/touch no longer works :confused:

oh .layer() worked but the problem hasn’t been solved. I think it’s due to the actions right? here is a screenshot

Can you share link of game? Please

I don’t send a link to the game sry
I would like to know what has to be in action :confused:

Can you check and confirm that GN, GN3, GN5 & GN7 are on different layers?

Otherwise the events look fine. Could the issue be somewhere else? You can check this by disabling the events you have screen snipped and seeing if the issue still remains.

Just make it that the objects in the layer are only interactable when the layer is visible