The Immortals

Hey, I’ve been working on a game for a few months (lol) now, and I’m getting close to releasing a demo I actually like. It’s going to be a top down puzzle thing with occasional platformer elements (because I’m so much better at drawing stuff sideways). It’s inspired by Undertale and The binding of Isaac sooo dark themes and multiple endings? Yeah. Also, I had the story planned for quite a while. Featuring music by Eric Matyas. Here’s a really short demo, but it’s already heavily updated, I just want to pressure myself into working on it by making this forum post


[size=150]I released a demo![/size]

You can play it here. I’d appreciate some constructive criticism :slight_smile:

Idea of the game is good and here is my thoughts:

-First thing what I found interesting solution was using arrow keys and mouse. I don’t know, but using mouse with your right hand and arrow keys with your left is not so pleasant experience :smiley: It can be played so you change between arrow keys and mouse, tho, so it’s not a problem.

-Second thing was when npc’s talk to you. You have to run towards them all the time (or most of the time) to read the text. So I might change that you don’t have to touch them to see the text.

-And the platformer part. Aaaaa the pain! :smiley: I get so frustrated of jumping, because you have to jump too accurately to some of the platforms (usually problems is platforms that are higher than you and jump speed almost too small to reach them). And that I cannot see where to jump or go.

-So I did not make it to the end of the demo because I got too frustrated about that jumping thing. (Dead many times when tried to reach platforms that is possible to jump, but I was too bad of jumping).

-I understand it’s just a demo, so it’s okay if there is “bugs” and things that are annoying.
So I followed your game and wait more for it :slight_smile: And I’ll try to get to the end of the demo :smiley:

Yeah, i got a few complaints about the platformer part, i’ll probably implement a mechanic what makes it easier after a few deaths :smiley:
Thank you for playing and i’m glad you liked it :slight_smile:

I’ve played it, but not sure if I’ve finished it… I fall down into a red boat (Caronte boat? There is nobody in), then I get teleported to the map with the NPCs :unamused:

So, about the NPCs dialog box, maybe increasing the radio a bit can solve it :wink:
I had no problems with the platforms, except for one that is so far that (almost always) you have to jump in this platform edge again to not fall (something like a bug in the platform engines in general), I mean you jump from A to B, then jump in the edge of B again when you are almost falling.

So keep it up, it needs more complex puzzles for sure. I know it’s just a mechanics demo, so it’s good already :slight_smile:

You go into the portal again, there’s going to be a “1” near it this time :slight_smile:
There’s gonna be the story part, so it’s kinda worth playing again? (Twice wink wink)

Yeah, I’ll give npcs a bigger collision mask and i’m implementing an easy mode if you die multiple times on a level :smiley:

Oh, hehe, my bad :smiley:
I’ve finished it, and tried both endings, have the decisions consequences in the future? :wink:

Of course they do, they even decide how long will you play the game and there’ll be 4-5 endings :slight_smile:

Cool !, I guess the endings depends on who you saved, and who you didn’t save. Those combinations of characters maybe decide how long the game is…