The Inferno Gang Platformer (Alpha)

Posted on youtube on 2022-02-10
The Inferno Gang - Vertical Slice 1.0.0 - YouTube

What I have so far:
Basic movement, jump, duck, right click to activate objects, and left click for bullets and aiming.

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Posted on youtube on 2022-03-10
The Inferno Gang - Vertical Slice 1.0.1 - YouTube

I added

  • GUI (health and Inventory)
  • Run mechanic
  • Hazards
  • Hurt Animation and blinking effect
  • Locked Door
  • Unlock Door Item
  • An Inventory Object
  • Draggable object mechanic

Posted on Youtube on 2022-04-10. I forgot to update here
The Inferno Gang - Vertical Slice 0.3.0 - YouTube
A few more assets and polishing and The Inferno Gang will graduate to Alpha stage!

Some changes I made:

  • Added a few rough assets*
  • Polished the Pause menu during levels
  • Big Diablo can grab ledges and hoist himself up
  • Big Diablo can freeze enemies - and use them for fast travel!
  • Expanded the level’s area
  • I’m still deciding on what kind of level it will be. For now, I’m creating it as an exploratory level, where you need to solve puzzles and find items. I also like the idea where you could play it like a linear runner, if you get skilled enough at the game.

*For now, all assets are digital, but when the game gets polished, I will hand-draw them to get that 1960s cartoon look.

Play it here on Game Jolt!
(Game Jolt - Games for the love of it)

2022-05-10 Vertical Slice Update

  • Changed Shooter Mechanic to Cursor Mechanic
  • Added Slide ability (press D while moving to slide)
  • Added more platforms and more rooms
  • Changed and added cursors so people will know what they can click
  • Added/changed sprite animations

Opening sequence: script done
Maps: Polished Mansion Map

Play it here on Game Jolt! The Inferno Game ALPHA 0.1.0 by The Shade System - Play Online - Game Jolt

I like the graphic style. And it plays quite well, with it’s smooth movements and animations. Well done so far.

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Thanks, Mr.Men! I really appreciate your feedback!

It looks good so far, keep going :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Robehickman! :grin:


New stuff!
Cleaned up the code
More assets
Programmed Chef Molasses
Introduced Hammon the Hitman, Diablo’s younger-but-taller brother
Added mobile controls (only visible on mobile)

Opening scene: rough art in progress

The Inferno Gang Pilot - A 1960s Style #Cartoon #Slapstick #Comedy - YouTube

I made a pilot for the cartoon to help with lore and content! Check it out!

Inferno Game Update will be delayed until tomorrow. Due to the solar storms causing problems with the internet and satellites, I lost a day of progress this week. I tried to make it up today, but I won’t finish until some time tomorrow.

The Inferno Game ALPHA Game Development 1.5.0 - YouTube

The Inferno Game is officially in Alpha! I’m so excited to make it this far! I hope to be able to program a new boss for each update this year! I watched several battles from the original NARUTO series to help me come up with a fun and strategic boss battle! Remember… think Creatively!

First Boss Battle with Hammon the Hitman!
Finished dialogue choices and mission set up
Added Checkpoints to a couple of rooms
Polished mobile controls
Created How To Play page

Play on Gamejolt: Game Jolt - Games for the love of it

I know that the name tag for the dialogues are glitching and I hope to have that figured out by next update on the next 10th

No Inferno Game update

I’ve been taking a break and changing some plans for the game. Also, September, October, and November may not have major updates due to job and health matters. I still plan to have the demo’s Alpha finished by the end of this year!

22-09-10 - Inferno Game Lore Update!

Been too busy to work on the mechanics, so I’ve decided to re-organize the lore and reveal a bit about the story.