The light added through the code does not shine, if the left corner is not empty


LeftCornerNotEmpty = -Light

LeftCornerEmpty1 or LeftCornerEmpty = Light

I can’t replicate it. Have you tried restarting GDevelop (sorry, it’s not a very technical suggestion, but sometimes GDevelop gets it’s knickers in a twist)?

Create that light in Lighting layer

(Well no. Even in the new again created empty project (after rebooting the entire computer), the same effect.)

To repeat, in this case, the Brick (in the corner) is required “Y = 0” (and “X = 0”, for example), and in Brick also added the following behavior

Ah, one teeny bit of missing info :smiley:

Yes, I can replicate the behaviour now.

It is

And by the way: on the screenshot from the first message and at all for fun once again, it is forced to move on a Lighting layer by another command.