The limitations of creating medium to large games with GDevelop

I was wondering if GDevelop is able to handle a game like Life is Strange, where you have multiple episodes and choices that carry on as the game progresses with multiple endings. I’m making a game exactly like that, and hoping it is possible to create something like that.

Here’s a wikipedia article to Life is Strange if you didn’t know it existed

Excluding the 3D aspect there really should be no reason why you could not make a graphic adventures such as the one linked.
Gdevelop comes buddle with YARN that can very easily provide alternate endings based on variables.

If you haven’t already it might be worth taking a look at GDevelop Games Showcase | GDevelop to see some of the more completed games made with this engine and if any would match the scope you have in mind.


Thank you! Lately I’ve been losing confidence in my game, so I appreciate ur response a lot! :smile:

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