The missile

This is my new project:

As you can see game has original arcade Asteroids/geometry wars stylistics to it. The goal is to destroy target by guiding missile (it’s not easy task, as you have gravity working against you) to the target and literally crashing into it. Although first few levels are easy, latter will get pretty hard. I am planning about 20-30 levels.

The concept sounds interesting :slight_smile:

Thanks. BTW. That garbled tutorial text is no longer here in that form - I’ve found cool font that fit style of the game.

//edit: Got 3 levels already. When I’ll have 5, I’ll release tech demo to get some feedback, then next demo every five levels done until full version (it’ll be open-sourced).

As promised, here is first tech demo with 5 levels (not counting main menu which is technically level too):

//edit: Also please tell me if it is passable - I have some difficulty-related second thoughts about level 5.

Uh-oh. Death loop at level 3. Will edit this post with fixed build.

//edit: Fix’d: - Also updated previous link.

Good game…Can I help you to finish it, or create new levels ? Send me a message by PM.

Cool game :slight_smile:

The concept is very interesting moreover i love the hard game, good luck for the continuation (and sorry for my bad english) !

The concept in itself is nice and full of promises.
But I find it too hard to enjoy. Can’t get past level 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Make the first levels simpler. Level 1 is good. Level 2 should be a small vertical obstacle to pass above. Your current level 2 should be level 5.

  • Put a collision mask smaller than the inner surface of the missile, so we could touch the obstacles with the rear wings without exploding

  • Add a health bar
    The current one-touch-one-death mode will be a nightmare mode, selectable from the title screen or unlockable

  • Did you play Dragon’s Lair on SNES?
    It has a password system where you must navigate through a maze with a slippery character to push the letters you need in the right spot. Ugly and frustrating as hell.
    Your title screen remains me of this.
    Why should I need a navigation skill to quit a game?

  • Stylized is nice, but it lacks impact.
    Add some vector particles on your missile’s engine, to make a trail. Make the screen tremble when exploding.
    Add a proximity warning beep, to keep the player on edge. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Stylized is nice, but why middle-oriental fairy-talish castles?
    Is there a hidden message?
    Are you sure you’re ok with that message?
    Are you sure you’re prepared for other people reactions to that message?
    In that regard, the happy stickman when you win makes all this even more disturbing: who is he and why is he happy to have blown an obvious legacy from the past (or worse ,a stylized capital city full of civilians) ?

On the buglist side :

  • If I miss the Start or the Quit, I can get out of the title screen with my missile, with no way to come back
  • No window icon
  • What’s about some 2bit music? Like centipede or space invader? At least for the “you win” screen
  • The “you win” screen is too long. Let me go faster to the next one.

Very good game, but very hard game! :slight_smile:

I can’t win the level 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

But the conception is good, I like!

Game finished!!! Need stay calm… Pics of niv. 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Great idea, but too difficult game.

That wasnt so hard actually. i like the game, it reminds me alot about a game that i actually wanted to create. :slight_smile:

And yes i am the same Xenofex from the Craft Studio forum :laughing:

ps. i got the message: next level: none! you won the game! i like it, and hope to see more of it anytime soon

I’m not sure if I still have sources, but if I do, I certainly plan on going back to it some day.