The Network Preview Not working

Hi everyone. I was making my game and tried to preview it on my Smartphone using Network Preview. But my Smartphone refused to connect. Could you please check if this happens with anyone other or is it just me. If this happens with anyone else, please take this post as a bug report and fix it.

first check: does it work on PC Browser (where you launch the previeus )?

It does work in my PC on Chrome Browser

I have the same problem and (i my case) the answer is that my PC (security policy) can’t publish the preview. Are you the Windows administrator ? Can you check it ?

I think I am
It shows this in my user account on Control Panel

I remember that you wasn’t able to download my files (calculator discussion) so I suppose your PC has some security program. Can you check the logs (antivirus-firewall…) ?
Sorry but I’m not able to help you from my…house :slight_smile:

There are nothing unusual or as my Antivirus is blocking some threats or files or website or anything.

Check the Windows Firewall and add GD to outgoing connections or whitelist GD directly

Isn’t this what I needed to do?

Sure, what antivirus are you using I ask because if is ESET you need to add a rule there too, if none of this restart your network and reconnect your device again. Plus restart GD too.

I use Malwarebytes free edition along with Windows Defender because Malwarebytes doesn’t have a real-time protection.