The Odd Neon Void is on Steam [+Giveaway!]



I’m very happy to announce that my new game made with GDevelop, The Odd Neon Void - an experimental adventure/rpg with a C64/Atari2600-ish aesthetics -, will be released on Steam today! I’m pleased that I was able to incorporate a lot of new features into this game that I’ve learned here since last year, such as stats upgrade, rpg battles, random encounters, etc

Since this app and this forum have been so important on my game developments the past months, I would be very happy to give away 20 Steam Keys of this game to GDevelop forum users. I don’t know if it’s ok to do that here though.

So, if anyone is interested in playing The Odd Neon Void, either send my a private message or comment it here and I’ll send to you the Steam Key (for the 20 first).

Any preliminar comments here about the logo, screenshots or trailer would be very appreciated!!!

Thanks and see you people later!


Congrats on your release!

I think the logo has a cool 80s movie-title feel to it.

The game art design is VERY reminiscent of Atari/Intellivision (rather than C64), and I really dig it.

I hope you success (and might check out the game myself later).

If you ever get time, it might be useful for you to write up a community post about your experiences getting the game on Steam and any pitfalls you experienced.

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Thanks! @Silver-Streak
I felt the need to mention C64 as this game was initially inspired by ‘Temple of Apshai’ that I’ve played on C64, but yes, I agree with you about the Atari/Intellivision reminiscence. They were both influents too, for sure.

I do plan to write a post about the experience/process sending the game to Steam. I hope it can help more devs that want to publish their games on steam.

Again, thanks for the reply. I sent to you a key, if you want to play the game later. If you do, I hope you like it.