The option `OK` set as default

(Or make an option where you can choose in settings to either make Cancel or OK default.)


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I think this (or something similar) has already been suggested in the past.

The issue is that we would assume that the users misclick twice in a row, and we would penalize all the users who use the software properly (meaning, who read the dialogs before clicking).
If you made a mistake by clicking “Delete object”, you’re supposed to take the time to read the following window to undo your mistake, instead of blindly smashing Enter until your problem gets miraculously solved.
Also, if you ‘permanently delete something’, you are expected to have backups and/or the autosave file to get it back.

GDevelop follows standard practice: Enter means confirm, Escape means cancel.

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But then why will the object be permanently deleted? Like, there is already an Undo and Redo button for casual actions, right? So why won’t that work on deleting objects, since you can always undo and redo your casual editing mistakes?

Knowing the technical reasons won’t change a thing, they wouldn’t have made it so if it could be simpler for the users. :person_shrugging: