The preview of my game runs slowly

Hey guys so apparently i decided to install The new version of gdevelop but when i tried to preview what i was working on it was very slow… Which caused a lot of problems i uninstalled the new version and installed the previous one and the preview works well so what do i do should i reinstall the new version?
Wait till a future version comes out?
Or mange the previous version for the time being

Are you running the preview while the scene editor is open? If so, switch to one of the event sheet tabs while it’s playing (or before you kick off the preview in the editor) and see if that helps.

Yes the editor of my game is on while the preview runs but what do u mean by switch to one of the events tab ? Or are you talking about switching it to the event tab rather than the editor?

I think MrMen means that before you click on preview, make sure your screen shows the event sheet editor and not the scene editor. This means you want to see your event sheet with your events. You don’t want to see the scene with your sprites. I assume this wouldn’t normally matter but it could be a good first step to finding your problem.

Alr but that just mean ill have to reinstall the new version i will give u guys feedback when im done testing later on

Okay i tried its still slow though the speed has increased so now what ? Theres no difference.

At this stage I’d look at using the debugger to see where the bottleneck is.

In particular, use the profiler to analyse where the processing usage is greatest.

You can also press Ctrl+Shift+i when the game is running, click on the console tab and see if there are any error messages.

If you’ve done all that and still have no joy, repost it as a bug.

Alr though im also theorizing it could just be my project but ill give that a try what i plan to do is to test out another project im working on and then see if the speed is the same if it turns to be the same then it might have to do with my system as someone suggested if not then its my project hopefully ill give feedback once im done

Thanks for the help everyone but ill be using the previous version for the time being ive ran all possible test and its still the same thing (tho im yet to test some examples ) if u guys have any suggestions please let me know

Alr so there’s a new development apparently i tried the space shooter example and it worked quite smoothly on the new version however all the projects ive been was working on are not running smoothly here’s a link to the current project im working on

Pls test and profile it to let me know the error

As a reminder, we also need to know your system specs.
Operating System Version

Here are my specs:
Processor:AMD A6 - 4400M APU with Radoen ™ HD Graphics 2.70GHZ

RAM: 2.00 GB (1.45 GB)

System type: 64bit

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What Windows version? (Or linux if using that)

Windows 10 pro 64 bit

AMD A6 - 4400M APU with Radoen ™ HD Graphics 2.70GHZ

There is a typo, but I guess this is the same as PassMark - AMD A6-4400M APU - Price performance comparison
This CPU/integrated GPU seems to be 10 years old, so I wonder if your graphics drivers are up to date. Can you ensure you update them to the latest version provided by AMD?

There is a good chance this could be the update to the internal Chrome version which disabled the support for WebGL/hardware acceleration for rendering.

Can you check if you have slow performance in the web-app too?

Im on a major break rn so ill get it done when i have the chance and give u feedback as for the graphic drivers they are up to date i can still run decent 3d and 2d games on it it can even handle engines like copper cube and blender

Alrighty so i tested it on the webapp its the still the same thing the preview is slow

I know I’m the crazy Mac user but I’ll add my two cents into this:

Just updated to 5.0.135 and the preview within GDevelop is laggy/choppy. The preview over WiFi/LAN in both Safari and Chrome (with hardware acceleration turned on) run as smoothly as before.

UPDATE: I don’t know if this means anything, but after testing over LAN in the Chrome browser then going back and testing with the GDevelop internal preview…game play and responsiveness seem to have improved, but the visuals/animations are still choppy (for example, if just having the player run along the ground the run animation is choppy and the background scrolling by is choppy).

Is there a way this can be dealt with in all honesty i think this has nothing to do with graphics. Cuz if that were the case example games like space shooter would be behaving the same way so what next.