The project never opens

My GDevelop froze randomly. After that, I closed it using Alt + F4. After relaunching it, I tried opening my project. It never opened, just stuck on the loading circle. To check if my file isn’t corrupted or isn’t wrong, I tried opening other projects, but they are the same. Maybe, I need to re-install GDevelop but just reported this as a bug.

Is it prompting you to use an autosave? Did you click it?

At first, yes, then, the second time, no
Both times, it took infinite time

Some suggestions:
Close and open gdevelop application.
Remember to close the project before to quit gd.
Try to open your project with online tool.

The project takes infinite times to open so I had to close GDevelop to open another project.
I didn’t even get the time to close the project. GDevelop froze, and after having no other option, I closed GDevelop.
Re-installing solves the problem but this is a bug report.

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