The Quest - Alpha version ready for testing!

This is my first game. I’m working on both a web based and native version. Please feel free to try out the web version. Please feel free to provide your input. Beta version will be out soon :slight_smile:

Above is a screenshot of current version under development. What to you guys think?

It’s quite interesting. I like the way the screen unfolds as you move about, and those turrets sometimes surprise me :3 It’s quite the cool game. My only suggestion is maybe a small help menu/tutorial? And how did you manage loading screens? They look very professional :slight_smile:

I like the atmosphere of the game, the graphics and sounds. Gameplay is fun but feels a but repetitive after some time, would be nice to have some special abilities and powers . For example I could imagine shields that protect you for a few second or make you invisible for turrets, ability to slow down time similar to Matrix or Max Payne games or stop bullets, freeze turrets for a short period if time, make a turret ally (maybe you even need to hack the turret through a mini game) and it would start shooting the other turrets around it, special (enemy) bullets that would follow you for a short period of time or little bots, monsters that would follow you for a short time…staff like that.

We could find powers on the map and once we picked them up we could use them with pressing a button and they would be active only for a few second and we could use them limited times only once maybe.
Such things in mind could make it possible to design the levels to be more challenging and fun and not just keep moving to “beat the timer” sort of game.
So make it a bit more diverse than just big turret, small turret, fast turret, strong turret and keep moving to avoid them.

Also, I don’t know why the load game feature doesn’t work and what the numbers are going to represent under load button, but since the game already do store what lvl I’m and how much score I got, I think it would be easy to do if I’m lvl2 then it would load level 2, if I’m lvl3 then it would load level 3 and so on when I click on load button.

My first impressions:
For the launcher, already, it is very clean, one feels a certain care taken to esthetics, that has an almost professional side. For a project amateur, which more is the first game, it is very well!

The game in itself is rather pretty, controls are correct. It will be regretted when same the character who panics when it is superimposed on the pointer of the mouse (an already known problem for the GDevelop games with this kind of controls).

On the other hand, is it possible to counter-attack? Because I tried to press on all the keys of the keyboard, nothing to make, the character remains passive. While trying to counter-attack, I press the key “N”, which seems to make me still pass at the level following without to have played… and stranger, when I pressed on T, majority of the level revealed itself, and of the figures were displayed. I acknowledge not to have understood. Is this a bug? :confused:
In any case, this game appears promising to me, but I think that it is too early to judge it with its right value. Continue, they are very good for a first game! :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for all your input. Very helpful.
The game was actually going to be a TD game but changed as I was having some problems at the time. I think they were addressed in the last patch of GDevelop. So a later game will probably be a TD game :slight_smile: I didn’t even intend this project to get this large, but its at the point I want to keep improving on things and make it a more full gamer.
Some of the suggestions were already in place in the current build.
@Legion-of-doom, I’m glad you like it. Already working on a brief objective before each level, but yes it does need a tutorial/menu. I was going to have a tutorial as the first level, just haven’t started it yet, want to get all the current major issues dealt with first, more levels made, and so forth. But my thoughts exactly. I don’t think much of or any of the current graphics were in the build you played, but the screen shot I posted is of using current graphics. Cant wait to get it uploaded for comments and suggestions.
@ddabrahim, thank you. I spent a lot of time working with all the media. Got background ambient sounds, music, and effects as you noticed. Still have some issues with the volume levels for my effects though. The graphics are almost all done by me. I think all the ones except my the background in the latter levels have all been updated to like in the screenshot. I’m glad you like the game play. But yes it is repetitive, I totally agree. A lot of tweak’s I want to make yet. Towers will have different abilities and such. I don’t think I have many of my current turrets in the build online yet. I was going to have them all upgrade over time with each piece separate and giving the turret different upgrades. But I think this first game for the interest of time and skill, I’m best making them more less or complete build. But yes, I can actually use each part in the future as a upgrade, probably what will happen in my TD game when I build it. I did start adding some things like keys, to unlock rooms, speed boosts, different keys, extra lives, speed boost, timer boost, and so forth. Also have upgrades for armor. You can see one of them in the screenshot. One of the turrets does slow you down :slight_smile: and the more you get hit the slower and more damage you take and longer to recover. But yes theirs going to be switches to do different things like switch on and off turrets and so forth. I do have some generic bad guys added with basic coming at you. But yes, I was thinking the same some turrets damaging others and or the bad guys. Theirs going to be a number of turret intense areas. A lot of play balances needs to be done yet.
But yes like you said collect special items to use later. I am planning on this very thing. Basically just have keys now to unlock doors and some instant used items. I’ll probably give positions or something for speed boost, temp invincibility and such.
Right now its beat the timer or collect all coins. But I am working on more objectives. Had to get my keys working first that led me down the painful road of the save/load headache. Still working on the autosave (90% working).
But the numbers where for the generic load/save slots. At first it wasn’t going to be a game where you save and load, just as far as you could get while focusing on top score. But it evolved :slight_smile:. Now it saves almost everything. Did I mention yet, that was a headache? But it was actually designed as a native game, so the web version will very.
@Thomas, I’m glad you like the esthetics. Yea first game and big learning curve. So its not too bad? That’s good to hear.
What do you mean by “It will be regretted when same the character who panics when it is superimposed on the pointer of the mouse (an already known problem for the GDevelop games with this kind of controls).” Not sure I ran into the issue yet. Please elaborate.
Counter attack is still in thought, haven’t did anything yet to implement it. Gam started out as a simple game, originally was going to be a TD but changed, and later on thought ok maybe I will need to make my character attack. But right now nothing implemented aside from blowing up a rock with a switch.
But yea you found my hidden controls for testing lol, I guess I forgot to remove tem for the web testing. That was actually a test scene you posted. I seen it and was like wait, that’s not supposed to be their, lol.
But yea you found my testing controls. But their actually cheats/easter eggs in the native game along with secrets to find like in every game. But actually I’m glad you pointed those out to me. Tells me people are testing my game and shows me people will find errors and such.
Again, thank you guys for all your input, very helpful. :smiley:

@Legion-of-doom, I was wondering what you meant about the load screen. The numbers counting is automatic I think with gdevelop. Now the load screen is I think what your asking about. I assume you tried getting one in place of the numbers. I don’t have an answer for that. Hadn’t had to get into that. Now your probably scratching your head. Yes the load screen is an actual load screen doing a purpose.
The fog of war takes some time to generate so basically I had the game trigger to display it. When my FOW event gets triggered I call up the load screen and pause the game and then when its done loading my objects removes it and unpauses the game. I think I just used the hide and show layer. So yea its serving a purpose and actually works. But I guess if you had a situation where you got the counter and were replacing it, a different method is needed. I assume that’s what your trying to address.

I was speaking of this thing. I believe this is the first loading screen I’ve seen so far. (Either this is a first or I’ve been living in a hole and never saw one) But I thought it was interesting. And cool how you accomplished it.
Loading Bar.png

Remember: [url]How to customize loading scene? - #4 by Lizard-13] :wink:

This loading screen is in-game. I wasn’t talking about start up one.
I understand how to change that one. I’m just not very good at java :stuck_out_tongue:

(script) :wink: