The Research Age (graphic adventure) OUT NOW in the Play Store

Hi, I’m working on a graphic adventure similar to the award winning “The Silent Age”. The first demo will soon be available on the PlayStore. Feel free to write your impressions. You can watch the teaser trailer on YouTube - YouTube and you can support my work with a donation PayPal.Me.
This is the link to try the game!

Thank you!!!


Hi all developers! I have a problem, is it normal that if you use bluetooth audio devices you won’t hear any sound? In the meantime, I am attaching a game screenshot.

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This is not the good section to ask questions.
Maybe you need to connect your bluetooth before opening the app? I tried a bluetooth speaker once, it worked fine with my GDevelop project. :man_shrugging:

I retry but no luck with Samsung Level Box Pro and Samsung Level Over. Anyway, the first chapter (beta) is ready. Please give me your feedback! I attached the improved and maybe final title logo (lookalike of the original one from “The Silent Age”). Do you like it?

Hi developers! I have one new screenshot for you :slight_smile: Do you like them? These are beta images (for example you can see the lack of some shadows). By the end of May I hope to end the second chapter. The game will include three chapter plus the ending boss on chapter 4.


Hi! The game demo (first chapter) has been submitted to Google :slight_smile: if all goes well in a week you can download the game (demo) from the playstore! Stay tuned.


Here I am. Good news. I created the official website of the game.

And Google approved and publish my game on the Plays Store! (it’s free, now is available only the first Chapter that is an improved version of the APK that I publish in this forum).

See you soon!


Hi! After the Playstore and website launch, now I start a KICKSTARTER campaign. Watch it, if you like:
KICKSTARTER crowfunding campaign:

If you can’t donate, please share the project with your friends! Thank you from the deep of my heart.