The size of the game window isn't change

no matter what I’m doing, what I’m trying, the game’s resolution changeing inside the Window, but the window itself stay unchanged.

the action: “Change size of the game window” is NOT change the size of the window. it change the resolution inside the window! maybe a typo? may be its task originally changing the resolution? that would make sense, because can’t be set the resolution anywhere else. but I’m not sure, in a 2D game has sense to change the resolution and the game window’s size separately.

Why do you want to change the actual size of the window?
If you want a size that fits different screens, use the fullscreen settings to adapt the size.

when a software told: “if you do this, that will happen” and I do it but something else happen it is a bug or a typo. may be the “change the window size” in GDevelop means: change the resolution. I don’t know. but is not what is being said.

yes, you’re right. I want to change the resolution, but it isn’t any sense change the resolution without change the window size. in a 2D game they belong together.

fullscreen is fine, but I want windowed mode too. I’m working on a desktop game (Win7). though I think fullscreen isn’t really fullscreen, just a borderless window. but its ok. currently the windowed mode does the same thing what fullscreen do, change the resolution inside a fix sized window. in fullscreen mode this fix size is the same of your monitor’s size. in windowed mode this fix size is what you set up in the game properties. and thats it. when you change the “game window size” from the game, only the resolution change independently, inside the same window.

Indeed, in windowed mode, I suppose the size of the window itself should change too. :thinking:
Let’s wait for feedback from the devs.

I think event don’t send to electron the new values to the window, maybe it’s not possible i don’t know.
I’am curious to know too.

I would love to be able to change window size with events and have the game scale to it accordingly. I am working on a small resolution (256x192px) and having to resize the window manually is a pain.

Full screen works, but I would much prefer running my games windowed (also the type of game blends itself better to being windowed, not to mention I am working in 4:3 ratio which does not look that good in full screen on widescreens - no one wants black bars :stuck_out_tongue: ).

If the behavior for the “Change Window Size” works as expected (changes the game resolution only) maybe it should be renamed to “Change Game Resolution?”

I would still welcome having an option to change window size via event.


The system of resolution will change in next update. Keep a eyes on the next release.


In the new version you can set a different window size (will only work on macOS/Linux/Windows though), that is for example larger than the game resolution :slight_smile:

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the point would have been to have the same size.

The new system works as expected now - Thanks!

One small detail - when I upscale a window on the start, it resizes it from the bottom right corner. This makes the window be off center and, because the amount of scaling (3x), makes it partially off the visible area, so it needs to be dragged each time.

Any chance for “Set Game Window Size” to make the window centered by default?

Thank you very much, this function is works great now! :+1: