The Superhumanoid Lands (Demo 1)

Hi guys! It’s been like 5+ years since my first post about the now-cancelled King Pig World, and I’m here to say that I released the first demo of my new project called The Superhumanoid Lands three days ago. I once posted it on the GDevelop Discord server but it didn’t do well maybe because I’m still new but I hope this gets more attention later throughout the game’s development :grinning:

What is The Superhumanoid Lands?
For those new to this series, TSL combines point-and-click world/lore exploration with a marble race-based tournament system, which serves as the main method to obtain characters called Superhumanoids. You are given 600 Tokens to start purchasing the Earth, Air, Water and Fire Orbs and Tracks from the Store menu once unlocked (100 Tokens for Orbs, and 50 Tokens for Tracks). Then, in the Tournament menu, place them in the indicated spots and click the Start Tournament button! Once you get a new Superhumanoid, take them to their corresponding Elemental Room in the Elementia Hotel to hear some lore and they’ll be available to use anywhere, anytime. To switch Superhumanoids, go to the Superhumanoids menu, click on the desired character’s portrait then click the Switch button!

This demo contains the following things; 5 Elemental Orbs, therefore 5 Superhumanoids to obtain, the Utopolis City, the Elemental Sanctum (only the Center of It All and Spheres of Life sections are accesible), and the Elementia Hotel (Floor 1 plus the Normal Room, and half of Floor 2 with the Earth, Air, Water, and Fire Rooms). For now there are 13 plays (not a lucky number to be honest) but if you want to check it out, here’s the link below :point_down:

Link: The Superhumanoid Lands (Demo 1) | Play on


The Intro cutscene.

The first Track, Bowls!

Gregular the Normal Superhumanoid in Utopolis City.

Gregular’s Room and the HUD.

An example of a Tournament setup.

The original series
The Superhumanoid Lands started off as a Scratch/Snap! animation series accompanied by an Elemental Marble Tournament series that can be watched below. Remember to watch the latter first before watching the former. I hope you like it :smiling_face:

The Superhumanoid Lands’ Elemental Marble Tournament playlist:

The Superhumanoid Lands animated series playlist: