The tutorial docs don't mention "Try it Online" option present on the official site

I just went through three of the game tutorial in the wiki docs. I guess I remember “Try it online” option being mentioned in the docs earlier (I could be wrong here, correct me in that case). Now, none of the three game tutorials have it anymore. So, I wanted to know if I am missing something here.
Thank you!


Which page don’t have link ?
I can update it :wink:

Hehe!! Well, the docs do have link of the official site to Download GDevelop but what I am trying to say is that docs didn’t mention that we can try this software online as well. I guess I saw this being mentioned when I looked at the docs a few days back.

^^ This screenshot is from the platform game tutorial.
Is there something I am missing?

The tutorials are written in collaboration by different people so there may be some difference in the way it is presented.

The tutorials are improved and updated very often. So with time, I hope there will be uniformity among all the tutorials :smiley: