Third Party Astrogon Level Editor

Astrogon is a game i’ve followed and supported for one of the longest in the game’s community. I am a moderator for the game and it’s just about to make it to PC.

Here is Astrogon, the game this GDevelop project is based off of: Astrogon - 2d Platformer with versus mode, level editor and speedrun mode

I would like to show you all a video of my entire third party level editor with some new features that do not exist in the main game

Here is that video: Astrogon Blueprint Editor (PB 4) - YouTube (if you were lightning quick to this thread, it may be processing)

Anyway, here is my entire description of what this third party level editor will be capable of given more time and effort making this:

"The sole purpose of this Astorgon Blueprint Editor project is to provide users more editing accessibility and features which they can reference off of to make Astrogon levels. This tool’s main goal is to make Collab-making easier.


  • solo: user edits on their own and can publish their creation to Firebase to have peers load and edit
  • duo: 2 users connect through P2P to edit together in real time. Their creations can also be saved/published to Firebase for future loads
  • reserved collaboration: 2 or more users connect to edit in host-defined sections of what goes together to make one big level. Those creations can also be published"

The “Incredible Job” level that i used in the showcase video was made in an older test build of AstroBP by Astrogon’s developer :slight_smile: