This Engine can with this genre of game

Hi @ll, Im new with this engine, not work with Tutorial yet.

My question…

I can make a HOG (Hidden Object Game) with this Engine?

  1. 15 or more background (rooms)
  2. 15-20 object in the room
  3. Hint system (Random)
  4. Start with the game ask for name of player, and save progress automatically.
  5. Similar Bigfish HOG games or others HOG.
  6. Particle system to show object with hint system.

Thx 4 all.

Can you explain what is HOG ? You refer to this website ?

Yes (infinite)

Yes (infinite)

Absolutly !


I dunno, 'cause what is HOG again ?

And yes again.

You can do all of that, however you’ll need to do that by yourself in general (but you can ask help to us).

HOG (Hidden Object Game)
Find hidden objects and solve adventuresome puzzles in adventure game.
But global idea is find object from a list and continue the adventure.

PIRATE MYSTERIES … tsourcing/ … index.html

Secrets of the Seas: Flying Dutchman … index.html

Don’t know that web but yeah is good to know too. Thx.

I see, if it just that, of course you can do it with Game Dévelop :slight_smile: