This is my first game jam and first published game

Hi, everyone I’m RedMuffin, I would like to share my latest experience,

I’ve joined a game jam (Cozy Winter Jam 2023) and made a game using GDevelop !!
The jam had only 3 days for dev time and at that time I have been playing with GDevelop for a couple months so I decided to test my self and join that Cozy Jam.

For the theme it’s anything Winter and Cozy.

To be honest I had no idea what I wanted to do :face_holding_back_tears: but I saw a snowman emoji on the jam title hmmm maybe I should work about snowman
image (This is the snowman I saw)
He wears a hat so… maybe a snow man and a hat? or many hats??

Then I decided to develop a game about a snowman trying to get his hat
The player controls a snowman to move and gather hats It’s designed to be an endless casual game.

And I wanted to add my game some cute things,
I decided to use my own arts made those days, 99% of my sprites are mine others are pre-made buttons. (Creating sprites wasted my time a lot :face_holding_back_tears:)

Here is my mascot “Snoom” I wanted him to be cute and playful

After that I wanted to add some cute mechanic: If he gets a hat it will be stacking on top of others
that’s the core mechanic of this game.

Developing in GDevelop was very fun and I never got bored It’s super easy and fun to use.

I almost done it late because I ran out of idea of variants of hats and what they do as power ups but eventually, I made it ! I think I will keep using this engine and done developing my dream game in someday, but for this game I would love to see your feedbacks about the gameplay, bugs, UX / UI and other aspects.

You can try my game on and for I’m not sure that I published it correctly or not
Here are my game links:
Snoom: Where is my hat? by RedMuffin
Snoom: Where is my hat? | Play on

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Hello @RedMuffin I want to say that your game looks good and I like the overall feel of it.

One thing I suggest is mobile controls like left and right arrows so people can play it

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Thanks for your feedback, I never thought of mobile devices before :joy:
I will update the control for mobile soon.

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