This week's screenshots: screenshot 20240430164400, screenshot 20240430164442, screenshot 20240430164511

About the screenshot:

In last week’s screenshot, I showed what Twardy looked like. This week, I am showing you what it looks like on the inside. On the screenshot on the right, you can see how neatly organized I am. You can also see that there are two new event groups titled “Creator Controls” :smirk:, “Enemies”, “Rain”, and “Score.” On the screenshot to the left, you may see that there is a new “Skeleton” :skull: enemy. I planned on making a werewolf :wolf:, but I want to reach my deadline (which is May 9th). You may also see a lot more variables toward the top. You may now see the inner workings of the achievements, and how the leaderboard button is going to be revamped. I can’t wait (I can) for Twardy alpha v1.0.0 to come out so I can… Remove Twardy off of GD Games!

See you soon, @WorldStudios

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