THNK only synchronize server

I am making a multiplayer top-down game and THNK was the most efficient extension to do it, i succsesfully connect client and server but only the server sync with the client.

i used the sync behavior and the code looks like the image:

Thanks for using THNK!
I am unsure what you mean by only the server sync with the client, I’m afraid. Would you mind rewording it or showing an example of what you mean?

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i will post images when i end shcool time

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sorry for being late but here is the issue

Server / Client

I moved client but not server and it doen’t move in server

If i move server the client teleport to server position

I am sorry but i still fail to understand the issue, could you try to explain to me what exactly are you trying to do and with which events, and in what way they do not behave as you would expect?

I have a main scene that leads to the server and the client scene, I was able to connect everything but if I move the character from the client it doesn’t move in the server view, but if I move character controlled by the server it moves in the client.

Ah i think i understand now, thanks for your patience.
This is normal and by design: only the server may move objects. This is what an authoritative multiplayer architecture is. The client may request the server to change the game’s state but it’s always up to the server in the end to actually move the objects. You can read more about that here:


Oh thanks, i will read it after the school-time

WOW, it should be very interesting.
I am very curious to try a demo.
If you need help in test phase, do not hesiate to ask me.


I’m glad you are interested! The project is already fully public on

The projects is in a pre-beta preview phase currently, as I am still working towards finishing the core features before releasing a beta version. I would be very happy if you tried to use it and give me any feedback!

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Thanks for your work !

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