THUMBNAIL IMAGE not generating..using the mac version of GD

Can you help with my issue/. I but in the graphics in the resources area but the thumbnail is not generating…


Please either supply the requested information from your original thread. You were asked a few times by staff for specific info and didn’t provide the requested info either time. The screenshot you posted twice was not the resources tab or any of the other information requested.

Future posts without the requested information will likely lead to immediate thread closure.

I have sent it 4x already…I sent the link, I sent the screen shots…

click this

And send screenshot of tab that opens AFTER you scroll down to thumbnail file so it is included in screenshot


Click at 1
Then click at 2
Then click generate
Wait few secs and paste here link that will show up

What language do you speak?
I gonna google translate to you what you are asked to do
Cause i believe you do not understand exactly what it all means that you was asked to do

I did understand, i posted the two screen shots and posted the links… what is there not to understand…


You need to do two things

1 - here you need to change name of 1.jpg to thumbnail.jpg
Not just type it in the fiend but go into your project folder and rename your 1.jpg file to thumbnail.jpg then click on replace on the right and choose thumbnail.jpg

So it looks like this

And now you need to make screenshot that you did it and paste it here

2 - Click this icon

Click on Resources

Paste here screenshot of what you see in that window like this

So you need to provide two screenshots
One with where in thumbnail section you selected file named thumbnail.jpg
NOT file 1.jpg

And screenshot from resources tab

I changed it to thumbnail.jpg and it STILL won’t load… Maybe the reason is this?? Please see image attached. Thanks for your help… I dont know why it says
“download GDevelop version to generate Android and IOS icons of your game”.
I AM using the desktop version for the mac.

Maybe it is mac/windows difference
And where are screenshot i shown you to how to make in my previous message?
You said you understand yet you act like you do not