tile object not tiling properly

I was working through the first platformer tutorial, but wasn’t having any joy with the tiled sprite object.
I then downloaded the sample and that was giving the same error.

So basically when I stretch the platform across the screen it doesn’t create a seamless platform. The platform works perfectly, but visually there are giant gaps between each sprite.
Then when I preview the game in chrome, the entire platform is still functioning, but is completely invisible. (Last night it didn’t, today this seems to be working?) I’ll keep an eye on it

I am using windows xp SP3 (freshly installed last night) with the latest version of Chrome.

I have attached a screen shot

If the bug only happens in the editor, it’s probably a bug releated to your graphic card (old Intel graphic card that are not able to repeat correctly a picture with no power of two sizes) : So, we can’t do anything about it.

But, if you can’t see at all the platform in the preview, it’s probably a bug from Game Develop.

I had the same problem on a computer with Windows XP. Another one with Windows 7 works fine.
I don’t have Windows XP now, so can not experiment with GD on it.

Probably outdated graphics driver not supporting some OpenGL or WebGL functions, always update the graphics driver in any case :slight_smile: