Tiled Objects and minor bugs

I think there is a bug about tiled objects. I never used them before, so I don’t know how they should work, but I think they doesn’t should looks like this:

Maybe they should looks like this?:

In object’s sprite editor window, if the image is large and you try to scroll:
1- Mouse’s wheel doesn’t work (maybe this isn’t a bug)
2- If you scroll the sprite from the side bars, sprite’s position is not refreshed until you click the image with left button.

“Add a force so as to move to a position” action doesn’t work properly. I use this action to move an object at right:

Move "ObjectToMove" to "ObjectToMove.X()+200" ; "ObjectToMove.Y()" with a force of "200" pixels (Damping = 0)

But the object move in Y-axis too (maybe this action is inaccurately and works for x and y points != 0)

The visual bug is probably due to a Intel GPU (or AMD) because it’s recommended to use texture with power of two size (16x16, 32x32, 512x512 …).

Yeah indeed nice glitch :astonished:
And it’s surely due to the graphics driver, try to update it if it’s not already done. :slight_smile:

Well, probably because I have an integrated video card, here (Uruguay), video cards are “a bit” expensive. But what a coincidence, because I will buy one tomorrow, should arrive in a few days. If I buy the card, I will tell you what happens :wink:

Sorry for double post :slight_smile:

Ok, I installed the video card yesterday, the Tiled Objects works perfectly! :smiley:

Cool :slight_smile: