Tiled Sprite Exporting Glitch [SOLVED]

So i tried to export my game using the local host option, but when i upload it glitch. All the tiled sprites just bend down when they are not supposed to!

Guys , I find out that exporting my game on chrome doesn’t cause the game to glitch. Thank you all for your support!

Hello Han53l!

Have you defined the “anchor” behavior for objects that should remain immobile on the screen layout?

You can learn more about it in the link below:

Gui Rodrigues.

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Thank you, but I tried your advice and my game still glitches, almost every sprite in the game glitches for some reason. Do you have other solution to this problem ?

Are those objects in a hud layer?

No, they are not on the HUD layer.Most of them are on the Base layer only the health bar is on the UI layer.

“My sprites gitch” is not enough, can you describe your problem with more details?

Please check if you are not including some linked events twice

almost all of my sprites in the game just glitch out ( Bend downs )
It is supposed to look like this.

What do you mean, Why do i need to include linked events twice ?
And What kind of link events ?

I have found that only the tiled sprite that glitch, everything else looks fine. So can you help me ?

I didn’t see what is wrong here, if you send to me your project in my pm i can take a look. Debuging just in a chat is complex.