Tiled Sprite Problem

There is an issue with using tiled sprite
I attached the program to you with an order to expand the floor, but at a certain part, the expansion is not done, and I don’t know the reason … although if I specified the width of the floor from the beginning, it works well
press keybord right arrow to discover my problem

Hmmmmm… I’ve never seen that before, maybe the tiled sprite is so far away that it unloads, try using a lot of tiled sprites.

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Thank you for your reply
Oddly enough, I can spot a very large width from the start and everything will be fine
However, even though the current condition is valid, and it reads and executes all other lines of code, it does not implement “tiled sprite” width expansion.

Can you show the related events? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply Gruk
the below link contain every thing

What Gruk means can you screen shot the events so we can see what your have coded? We can’t tell what’s going on if we cannot see the events.

very sorry
Because it is the first time that I deal with uploading a game to the site server, so I thought that the code could also be seen, and I did not focus well.
A photo of the events has been attached

That’s an interesting way of having a continuous floor. I’m not sure if that’s the issue or not.

May I suggest you use 2 floor tiles, both twice the width of the screen. When the end of sprite on screen is at the edge of the screen, place other one down beside it.

Or, since your floor is a small repeating pattern, you could use just one tile sprite that’s a bit wider than the screen (say 2 repeated patterns extra wide), and shift it across by the pattern width every time the character has move more than the pattern width. So, for example, if your pattern repeats every 16 pixels, then shift it every time the player has moved 16 pixels since the last floor shift.

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Thank you very much for your kind response
As for the solution I have a lot of ideas to get things going well
But the problem I have is why the code is not executed despite its integrity and logic
And I am very happy to try to help me with excellent and wonderful ideas
My respect for you

When you’re stuck, the best is often to open an example project and reproduce the issue.
I’m able to reproduce the issue in the platformer example, so it looks like a bug.
A similar bug has been fixed recently, it’s possible that the fix triggered another bug or that the fix was incomplete.
I’m moving this topic to bug reports.

Bug reproduced on the platformer example with GDevelop b102.
Text object shows 10000, but the platform disappears when reaching X position of 4500.


Thank you very much
Now I am relieved that when I suspect that the mistake is because of me or that I do not understand well, I feel frustrated
Thanks again for your nice interaction