Tilemap made from Tiled not appearing when port to HTML5 and android

Hello, a blessing from God of what you have done here my friends.

I know using Tiled app is still experimental, but I hope it will be very compatible soon because it is very convenient to use for large maps. So here I am a bit disappointed when I uploaded my game to be played in browser, because it is not visible at all when using mobile devices like android. But in Windows it is visible so it’s good, at least it’s playable in that platform though my initial goal was for android. If you want to test my game, link Hide N' Seek : Princess Learns Colors by fanofprincesses (my game is not for grown-ups, design for toddlers). Test in android mobile device and in PC and see the difference. Hoping for improvements in future updates.

Thank you for this wonderful app. May God bless you all.

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On html5 its work fine for me. i can see everything of your game

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Yes on windows pc running the browser html5 game it’s fine, but on android mobile it is not. Thank you for testing sir.

A few things to check:

  1. Make sure you’re not using a mobile with strict memory limits. Basically anything older than Android 8 is basically unsupported by Google in general, and has strict memory requirements that stop it from loading files of a certain size.

  2. Make sure your tilemap atlas isn’t over 2000x2000 pixels. Even newest phones tend to limit web assets larger than that that, and many of them limit 1000x1000.

(Also, cool game idea!)

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My smartphone is Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, RAM 4Gb, GPU Adreno 506, Android 8.1).
Chrome browser:

Firefox Browser:

Update: PC (Windows), Chrome browser. There are graphic artifacts:

P.S. Nice game, interesting idea! =)

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wow, now that you mention it, I quickly install firefox mobile browser. It is visible there, on chrome it doesn’t. Now firefox is my favorite browser (lol). But still the camera moves weird not like on the actual windows app. A vey much appreciated help sir, thank you.

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Noted sir. Thank you

I have a problem with the Android app: where the tiles touch, they sometimes flicker, especially when zooming. Not the whole tile, just the border line.
I think is similar to this error:

I never found a solution and had to recreate all the terrain directly in Gdevelop.