Tilemap only renders after a close and reopen Gdevelop

AS the title state. I created a tilemap and used the correct Atlas file and .json file etc. However, once I add the tilemap to the scene it does not display unless I save and exit Gdevelop and then reopen the project. Additionally, it does not render when I try it in preview,

Any help or advice will be appreciated.

I think it has got something to do with the Atlas image. When I use the original Atlas .png that I downloaded from itch.io it works. However, when I use aseprite and I add a few tilemaps together to create a main tilemap, it doesnt work. I works fine in Tiled and the I can create a tilemap using the new .png file. So I am not sure what the real problem is.


It turns out, you cant just mash up a bunch of sprites in Aseprite and then save as a .png.
Or maybe you can I just dont know how to structure the sprite correctly or something. Anyway, the way i solved the issue was to download a programme called [Free Texture packer](Download - Free Texture Packer and packed all of the sprites I wanted to use into one file. I “published” the sheet and used the saved as a PNG-32 texture in Tiled. Then when I added it into Gdevelop my newly created tilemap rendered immediately and in preview.