Tileset Piece from Asset Store does not repeat

Hi everybody,

I am an absolute beginner :slight_smile:
I have the following problem. If I add a tileset piece (e. g. Tileset Piece 7 from SCI-FI LAB) from the asset store it does not repeat but resizes. What do I miss? If I create a new one from scratch it works just fine.

Thanks for your answers!

It sounds like you added something that was set as a Sprite instead of a Tiled Sprite. Sprites resize while Tiled Sprites repeat.

Thanks for the answer. I thought about this as well. However, it is a tileset for a platformer on which the player should run. Can it be that there are tiles, that cannot be repeated but have to be duplicated one after the other?

It’s in theory possible, yes. You would have to use the Sprite object, instead of Tiled Sprite, and place each tile manually (I guess). But it would allow one to resize the tiles as needed.

Or I might be not understanding what you mean.

what I meant is that maybe some designer want that kind of behavior. However, after inserting 10 different tiles from differen free assets from the Asset Store, I am convinced that it does not work for me. All the tiles I insert do not repeat but resize; e. g. Tileset Piece 38 from Sci Fi Lab. (Screenshot).