Tip: How to comfortable use online version Gdevelop on the android smartphone

Sometimes I use the online version Gdevelop on my smartphone, but I encountered some inconvenience: the mobile version of the site has an inconvenient event editor (for me):

And if you enable the desktop version, the interface becomes too small (font increase does not work on Chrome, and similar):

But it works on “Samsung internet browser”
You need to configure it:


As a result, it turned out like on a computer, but in portrait mode and normal event editor. It is very convenient, in my humble opinion))

P.S. sorry for the possible errors, I use Google translate.


Smartphone support is still in progress :sweat_smile:. When I use it I scroll in the event sheet by swiping on the very left edge of my smartphone if it can help anyone


Thank for tip!
Unfortunately the screen is too tiny.
The goal isn’t to have a great support on mobile, the real target is tablet :slight_smile:


It’s easier for me to use a smartphone for tests when there is no access to the PC. For a long time I was looking for a browser in which the computer version of the site will be displayed correctly, so I decided to share :slightly_smiling_face:

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