To the Crown - free medieval clicker

Hello guys :grinning:
Last week I published my first game. It’s a clicker in medieval setting based on upgrades and development of your character.
It’s a complete game and free to try on
Thank you for your time :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks pretty well done :+1:
I’ll try it out later.

Great, thank you :grinning:

i noticed that when you recruit new army on click, the profit number jumps up for a couple of frames and goes back to normal value.
seems to be some order issues with the events.

The background could be a little bit darker, for a better contrast to the menu.
The scrolling speed in the menu is way too slow, especially when you use the arrow buttons.

The touch that each equipment shows on your avatar is really nice!

some numbers seems off from a logical point of view, like why are leather gloves more expensive then a sword? and how can a farm be cheaper then a sword?
from game play perspective, the numbers to make sense to me.
Music and sound effeckts fit pretty well.

to your random events, maybe add a check to avoid events happening multible times in a row. getting fooled 2 times in a row for 7 coins by the barn makes my avatar seem ultra stupid xD

all in all so far seems well done.
My main complain would be that it is a pc game. a timewaster like this belongs on mobiles.

Wow! Thank you very much for so detailed feedback :grin:

It’s not my favorite type of game, but I tried it and your game lets you play with pleasure. In addition to the changes already suggested by Barra, I would tell you to really think about the mobile version, because a pastime is more useful in mobile phones. If you make a second version, I suggest you put some magic in it (in medieval games you expect to meet sorcerers, sorcerers or dragons). Last thing, always if you opt for a second version: a little more graphic effects … just to spice up the game a bit. For the rest it is a really good job.

Thank you for feedback :slightly_smiling_face:
I will consider this for future projects.