Hi this is my new small game “TES”.

You have an exam tomorrow…
You didn’t learn nothing -_-’
How fast can you learn and practice 100 ideas ?

Very quite…no any background music and sound, but graphic not bad, simple and clean. :wink:

Good idea, but this was really hard! :smiley: I played this many times and finally I managed to complete it :smiley: (if you try to finish it fast and I don’t know how you can beat it 83s as you did! :smiley:)

Thanks guys :smiley:

I am not good to do music and i don’t know if taking music and sound from the net is going to match with the mood of the game…

Yeah i know it’s hard ^^.
You can beat that there is a trick.
When you pass 70 or 75 practiced there is a change and you lose not one energy but 2…
So the thing to do when you have like 50 practiced is to do the best learn to come to 100 ^^ directly. In the other case it would be hard…

A little up that decrease the difficulty of the game.

May I know how to make screen vibration :slight_smile: ???

random(2) to camera angle :wink:

nice !! :smiley: , thanks for your help.