Too big for a web game

I just noticed the long loading time.
I am using 3d models to create 2d sprites, and a playable character can be several megabytes in size.
At first I used smaller size, but the character just looked blurry on a desktop monitor.

So fellow game developers, what do you think is the ideal size, how do you plan it ahead?

What difference would it make if you use 3d models to create 2d sprites ? You meant converting the 3d model into snapshots of png images for 2d sprites and using it ? which i think would make no difference to performance similar to using a 2d image. Just curious to know how is it done.

Oh there is a link in ddabrahim’s sig, though I haven’t tried it. I use blender to do it.
No, it doesn’t matter how you create the images but a full colored png file is usually bigger than pixel art with fewer colors.

The point is how do you plan it ahead. Like the size of the sprites and number of characters.

Yes. Now i got it. Maybe something like this could help you a bit. :unamused: