[Tool] GDevelop Problem solver

Hello all,
I put together a small app with the most common problems encountered by our forum/Discord users and how to fix them.
Let me know if you spot a bug or if you feel like something is missing!


I LOVE the idea, it’s very cool !!

Can you make this troubleshooting guide a bit more web-ish ?
(Plus ressemblante à une interface web, plus réactive, moins d’animation)
Maybe user can refer to this app before asking why “uuh my game doesn’t work”


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Less animation, like, increasing the scrolling speed? :thinking:
Yeah, it would be nice if users started by checking this, but I’m not sure where it should be added :confused:
Pinned in the ‘How do I’ section?

I did some changes, modified the scrolling and added a few screenshots.

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The app has been updated. :blush:
Nicer screenshots, nicer scrolling, and some bugfixes.
Now that everything is smooth, the next thing should be… finding a better tree which would use tags, sections or such… :thinking: something easier to navigate.
I’m open to ideas!

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Planned to share the source ? :slight_smile:

I’m open to ideas!

For tabs or openable menu, i think if you put all objects of a tab on an layer you can toggle the layers.

I think I see what you mean, but could I keep using Yarn with such a tab/menu system? :thinking:
Everything’s based on Yarn, I don’t feel like refactoring all of it (my first time using the word refactoring, I hope it’s okay :sweat_smile:) .

I’m not going to share the source with you, you’ll waste time on it instead of working on your extensions that we’re all waiting for :grin: nudge nudge

I’ll experiment with other tree structures and see what I can come up with.

You use one BBtext in the whole app ?
Just move the position of BBtext when you change the tab. And go to the next node related to your tab clicked with yarn action.

For a list like a menu you can use bbtext too. When you have made your selection disable the inputs for change the selection, hide the menu with a big button Back. And for enable the selection you need click on back button and here we you you go back in the menu selection.

(I’ve never used yarn maybe you can’t do this)

Like we said it’s for a friends :smirk:

Which one :’)
Yeah i wll try to atleast release a build for Gamepad.

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Very nice start! It reminds me of the exclamation mark command mods can put for quickly summoning explanations, but that one still needs someone to trigger the relevant command.
Anyway, does this use TimeDelta() for the text? It doesn’t feel fast enough (or atleast, I end up frequently double tap).

For the content itself:
For “object not showing” put “go to the debugger tab, refresh, and scroll the list …” (user may not realize it doesn’t refresh itself),
you can mention the ctrl+shift+i inspector as well for the “game doesn’t run” thread.

For feature, I’d like mouse advancing and choice selection, but choice selection might be difficult to implement in Yarn (maybe generate sprite hitbox with Repeat event?. There also should be a “back” button" (saw “You reached the end of this section” message too much). If not directly to the previous “page” or topic, even to the home selection menu is good enough.
The T and G buttons felt strange rather than W and S, although I got used to it. Why those two buttons, keyboard layout?
The link icon maybe should stay half-opacity when no link (menu choice) and be more visible when it can be clicked? Maybe even a copiable text field of the URL when mouse over at bottom? (Both as alternative to pop up and for user trust. Didn’t check all the links btw)

On another note, Firefox blocked the link pop ups by default (ironic because it never blocks them on shady sites) - just something I felt to note.
The equation or sigma button is a nice mention, it’s undiscovered but super useful. Can’t wait for next update with autocomplete!

Anyway, hope this feedback helps, this really is promising, and if expanded enough maybe can even be intergrated in GDevelop like a “Help > Common Problems” option in the menu!
Thanks for making (and hopefully continuing to make) this awesome tool.

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Thanks for the ideas guys, a million images are flowing into my mind :exploding_head: :grin:

@Bouh :joy:
I’ve got one object for the text, and one for the choices.
Extensions? I also remember an efficient hitbox checker and some console logging wizardry. A debugging pack would sure come in handy. :blush:

I guess it’s limited by the framerate, so I would have to write two characters per frame, perhaps?
Also, formatting tags count as characters, so each styling slows the scrolling down. :confused:

I wondered about ctrl+shift+i. There are many settings and tabs and the errors are often obscure… and I don’t master it myself yet. :sweat_smile: If you manage to write something clear and relatively simple about it, I’ll be happy to include it.

Yes, a Back button will come at some point. But somehow, I expect most users to open it, pick a section, read it, try the fixes and ragequit because it didn’t work. :grin:

I chose G/T because Up/Down mess with the browser, and W would be Down on my keyboard while it would be Up on yours. :wink:

I don’t think I can do anything about the Firefox warning. :disappointed_relieved:
Don’t know if you noticed, but you can’t highlight text in the app. And I won’t have access to the system clipboard unless I use some Javascript.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!


Often, when it’s a black screen or the game crashing or whatever due to a bad event, on Ctrl shift I console you can see the error, and the error message is often something with gdjs.evtTools.<extension>tools Wich let’s you know what extension has the problem and limits the potential bad instructions (instruction = condition or action) and helps you spot the one causing the problems.

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“Extension” would be misleading for noobs, because they don’t mean the same in the source and inside GDevelop.
I tried crashing my game with a while loop, I couldn’t even load the inspector :sweat_smile:

In my opinion, you can’t expect a user whose native language is not English and who doesn’t know html/js to understand any of this:
He’ll think okay, I have three problems, the mousewheel action (none in the project I used), the text objects (no problem with those) and the debugger (wasn’t open). :man_shrugging:

The app has been updated :slightly_smiling_face:
Not sure if I can do mouse navigation, will give it a try tomorrow.


Thanks for taking this step it will help lot of people…


Fantastic! Nice idea Gruk!

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Thanks @gnacca!

The app has been updated. Keyboard time is over, all hail the mouse/touch, thanks to the recent bugfixes. :blush:

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I managed to add a Previous button feature for easier navigation :partying_face: