Tool to calculate distance and angle between two points

Request you to add a measure tool to gain information about pixel distances between objects in the Scene/Layout editor. The suggestion is to provide option to click and drag the mouse button and the tool determines the angle and number of pixels between the point of click and the new location of the mouse pointer. The information can be displayed on top of the mouse cursor.

A common use case for this tool is to calculate the distance and angle of rotation between two objects.

Hello TrinityNeo,

Thank you for your message.
If I understood correctly, you want to be able to see the distance between two instances (elements in your game scene).

The following image is a concept of how the distance can be displayed.
Would this approach what you had in mind?:


Not just distance, but angle as well. You are missing the angle value in the concept. May be something like 37, 90°

I see.
One question to big deeper on why you are requesting this possibility: why do you need to display angle of more than 1 instance on the scene at a time?

I ask, because today you can see the inclination of a single instance with the instance panel, but I wonder why do you want to be able to see more than 1.
Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 15.22.36

@Luni: Yes, we can see/modify the inclination of a single instance using the Angle property of the instance. However, it does not provide information on “angle between two objects” or inclination of an object wrt another object. For example, in below screenshot, the objects Blue Bar and Green Bar have same instance angle in A and B, but different angle and distance between them (or more specifically their center points have different angle and distance wrt each other). Currently, we don’t have any easy way to find this value in the scene editor.

My suggestion was to use the angle value in addition to the distance value as shown in your mockup. Something on the lines of (DistanceX, DistanceY; Angle). For your mockup, the value will be (37,0; 90). This will provide us better flexibility/ease to orient objects without having to do the calculation for the angle between them.

Hope that helps!

So the why you are requesting the feature is to facilitate the calculation of the angles between instances. :+1:t3:

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