[Tools] Merger for custom Functions

Hello !
I made a little tool to merge functions.
In GD you can now save projects in several files and the functions are in separate files.
In the game properties, choose “Multiples files” and save the project.

With my tool you choose two files and the functions of two files will be copied in a new file.
It’s only available on windows

Download Merger Tool Windows10

Download source files GD5

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Awesome, looks like something could be useful to be implemented in GD.
Or at least uploaded to a temporary location, I believe Firefox Send store a file for 7 days max or 100 downloads.
Is Linux version coming?

Thanks a lot. :vulcan_salute:

Yes i think this will be supported in future versions.
At least copy/past/duplicate the functions.

Better i give the source file !
You can see i use javascript events, all is commented :wink:

Yes and i change the host, to Mega :

Download app Windows10

Download source files GD5


Great job! You went to great lengths to have this working in GD :slight_smile:

I intend to ease this directly from GDevelop with copy/paste, and import/export/sharing at some point in the near future! :slight_smile: