Touch/click to change object bug

Hi, I have noticed the same type of bug in my game happening on some, but not consistent with all level gameplay scenes. Firstly I’m using windows 10 with GDevelop 5 beta98. Secondly, I’m very sure and verified that I done everything right in the events editor, but with one of my scenes so far the bug is a lot worse than other scenes.

Anyway, the bug happens when I touch/click another object (other than the tracking object) where the previous tracking object (green) should then become normal (not green only white filled), but I end up with 2 green tracking objects when I only want 1. It should be that only the last object that I touched should be green so that only 1 green object is present in the scene when changing the tracking position. I see that this is an error/bug and happens at some parts of the scene.

Sometimes I also notice that if I click on one object then another too quickly, the bug usually happens on some scenes. To sum it up, the object that I left off from doesn’t change to the one that I intend it to be. If I’m not clear, let me know and I can give an example and maybe a video of the bug if possible.

Hey, thanks for reporting! Unfortunately we need to be able to replicate it to understand and solve the issue. Could you please provide some events a video or/and an example project for explaining in detail how to reproduce the wrong behavior? Thank you very much!

The 2nd image of the first 2 images is the bug where the green ring base with 4 rings becomes a green ring base with 1 ring, but should become white ring base with 4 rings if I click on another ring base. (Note: there should only be 1 green filled ring base not 2)

The second 2 images is what should happen to the green ring base with 4 rings, it should turn into a white ring base 4. The last 2 images is where there is no bug.

Hopefully the images are sent

See for each gbase4 (ring base with 4 rings) event on what should happen. It should turn into white base with 4 rings no matter what other object instance I touch on. tracking position only changes if I touch any other white filled ring base