Touch not working in smartphone

Hello again.

I am creating a video game specifically for android smartphones. In that game, I made a sprite object to pause the game. On the desktop, the button is working fine.

My problem: I have various scenes setup:

  • Splash Screen
  • Main Menu
  • Level 1… & so on.

In Level 1, I have that pause button. Now, after exporting the apk file, and testing it on android, and when opening it for the first time, the touches are working fine. But, if I start level and use the pause button to pause the scene, then press on the button there that changes the scene back to splash screen, the touches won’t work.

These are the events I have setup for the pause button menu.

What could be the problem and how can I possibly fix it?

Hello, MaheshPanth

The touches doesn’t work just when you try to change to “Splash” scene? All other buttons still working and you can unpause the game?

Maybe this extension will help: