Touchable laptop can break going up and down in the middle of the editor

Hello, this issue only appears when you have a touchable laptop, and you try to touch the middle screen of the editor:

Here is the example before touching:

And here is the example after touching:

As you can see, the move up/down and move left/right thing disappeared after touching the screen of the middle editor.

Can you scroll with two fingers, then? Or whatever method your tablet uses for scrolling?
Do the bars come back if you use the mouse again?

Basically, I normally use just my one finger for clicking things and moving in other websites etc. But in GDevelop, when I touch the middle editor, the move bars disappear, with no way of getting it back, no matter what I do (unless I close GDevelop). Also, I don’t use a mouse. I use the built in move/click thingy in the laptop:

You can actually move the editor screen with two fingers (though the zoom will change everytime), but the issue here is that you can no longer use your mouse to move it, if you touch the screen.

Thanks for the details.
I confirm the issue. :+1: