touchscreen devices

I am considering using GameDevelop for my new game. This engine looks great. I decieded html5, because it works on almost every browser.
I found some problems - games does not work on windows phone (it seems it is problem to let it work, because of active X).
On android devices application looks ok, but I cant control it. Is it possible to insert condition that will work on touchscreen devices? I mean computer mouse works ok, but when I click on touchscreen, nothing happens.

The next version will support touchscreen, I’ve worked on this feature yesterday precisely :smiley:
It will be a basic support though, it will emulate a mouse, but that should be ok for most usage :slight_smile:

Concerning Windows Phone, maybe the problem was related to some issues specific to Internet Explorer. I’ve also solved these issues so the games exported with the next version will hopefully works ok with Windows Phone.

this is great news :slight_smile:
and when do you expect new version available? :slight_smile:

Maybe today or tomorrow :slight_smile:
It will mostly bring bugfixes, optimisations and a few new features ( like the basic touchscreen support ).

this is fantastic :slight_smile: thanks for your work and quick answer.
I am beginner with making games and I am looking forward to try this nice software :slight_smile:

how can I make event, where when I click on sprite, something happens? (in html5)
I tried event with mouse click and it works, but only when I click anywhere. I want it to work, when I click on specific sprite.
I tried add also condition when the cursor is over the object, but it does not work in html5 for me.

It should work when using the condition for the mouse click and the condition to check if the cursor is over an object.
If it doesn’t work, I will check this as soon as possible.

I tried that, but it does work only in native mode. in html5 mode it does not work for me.

Download this file (5.16 KB)
And extract the two files into /JsPlatform/Runtime, replacing the old files by the new ones provided in the archive
( Game Develop directory is usually C:/Program Files (x86)/Game Develop ).

Then it should be ok, it works without problem on my android phone.

thanks :slight_smile: it works now :slight_smile:

Nice, I’ll upload a new version with this fix. :slight_smile: