Towers Concept Demo by CTXB

Hey all!! I’m very proud to announce the concept demo of my first game, Towers!

The game is up to play in browser on itch_io. Towers DEMO 0.0.2 by CTXB (

Please give me any feedback you have on the game!
Feel free to post here or hit me up at with any ideas, bugs, or suggestions!




Is there anything that speaks against making the demo directly playable in the browser on your itch page? You may get more feedback if people just can check it out without much hassle.

Anyway, congrats for publishing the demo.


I plan on changing that tomorrow. I hadn’t thought about it till earlier. Thank you for the response!

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The game is now playable right in the browser! use F11 to toggle full screen after you run the game for the best viewing experience!


Wow! It looks promising! :star_struck:

The only difficulty I had was in the first elevator. I crawled and got stuck :eyes:

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Omg i didn’t even onow you could get in there! I’ll fix that in the next one :joy:

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I played a little bit and I also got stuck as Rasterisko in the elevator/cage. There are many things I like, e.g. that the bodies of defeated enemies are not just disappearing, the animation in the info-stelae when the control-tooltips are displayed, the ability to use the arrow-keys for looking around etc. but I guess you want to know what could be improved. This is a little difficult though as it is not really clear what your game is all about.

  • You wrote that the assets will be changed, so you are probably aware of some of the things I would suggest: using a color-palette that is a bit different from the sky= blue, gras = green formula. You also have tiles that are very light-colored, almost looking like ice, and others that are very dark which have a better contrast. If there is not a special reason for that, I would suggest to change the white tiles.

  • Since the move animation of your player is not implemented, the controls feel a little bit clunky. This could be also the case with animations and it probably depends a bit on how you want the player to experience the game.

  • As mentioned, the tooltips are well implemented, in one case you wrote “Try ‘S’ and ‘Space’”. I did that but nothing happened and I don’t know what actually should have happened.

  • The few enemies I encountered were easy to defeat but that’s probably okay for the first level. It would be nice though, if they would show some reaction when confronted with the player.

  • The player needs more than one attack move, but that’s probably something you want to do.

  • The player can collect different kind of things the that enemies drop, but I have no idea what they are for.

If you would share in which genre you see your game, it may be easier to give more suggestions.


Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience!

I plan on making the game a sort of MetroidVania, where you explore the world in chunks and use the Cores and Gall you collect to make/buy improvements to your character. All the main abilites would be got by defeating bosses and gaining whatever ability the boss has. The buyable upgrades alter your abilites. For example you buy an upgrade to widen your range attack, or make it hit multiple times.

Im going to implement a lot of what you talked about in your post. I will admit, the game is very bare bones right now as im only 3 months into development and this is my first gdevelop project. But i very much wanted to make my self imposed deadline of September 30th for the demo release.

Ultimately, i really appreciate the feedback!

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It is obvious that you have already put a lot of effort into the demo. I played a little bit more and came to the first boss fight. This part of the game is quite good from perspective of the gameplay and the visuals - again only the controls felt a bit clunky. There are several details - for example the animation of the machines, the eyes of the boss etc. - that are very good. So keep up the good work and I am looking forward to any news about ‘Towers’.

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The idea looks good for only 3 months of work. I like the silhouette of the main character; With good animation it would looks great. Please, coyote time!! this makes a difference even in the early stages of your game development. It’s too much frustration for the player without it.

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That’s a good point. I’m adding coyote time to the implementation list. Thank you for the feedback!